When is it the right time to clean your carpets?

Carpet cleaning

Would you let your car go uncleaned for months on end? Would you go to an important work meeting in dirty clothes? Would you leave your homes windows uncleaned for your neighbours to judge?

For most people, the answer to these questions is NO. And this should be exactly the same as your home’s carpets. You should never go too long without having your carpets cleaned. 

But the key to this is knowing when you should clean your carpets, just like when it is time to clean your clothes, the decision can be made visually or also from a smell perspective. 

Not only do you need to know when to clean your carpets but you also need to be able to determine when you need to help and assistance of a professional. 

Did you spill something?

There is no better time to clean up something you have spilt than immediately after. Time is certainly of the essence. We have articles dedicated to explaining exactly how to clean spills, but for now, just ensure you use plenty of paper towels to gently dab the spill in order to absorb as much of the spill as possible. It is imperative to remember to dab instead of rubbing the spill as this can spread the mess further. 

For a full rundown of how to remove the spillage entirely read our blog post “What are the best ways to get rid of nasty odours from your carpet”.

Are you having an increased allergic reaction?

Another telltale sign that your carpets need cleaning is if your allergies are becoming increasingly heightened. This is when it is vital to engage with a professional company in order to have your carpets deep cleaned. This can help to remove all bacteria and mould that is building within your carpets. If you have any allergies then it is highly recommended to deep clean your carpets on a quarterly basis.

Are your carpets losing their colour?

Are you walking over your carpets on a daily basis and realising that they are losing their original colours? This is precisely when you need to clean your carpets. Dirt, bacteria, dust to name a few factors can build up over time and get stuck in the carpet’s fibres which in turn will change the appearance of your carpet. You need to get your carpet back to looking like it used to and the only way to do so is by cleaning them. Whether you engage with an expert or do it yourself using a home remedy is up to you but getting them cleaned is not up for debate.

Starting to forget the last time?

Are you starting to forget the last time you had your carpets cleaned? If so, then this is exactly when you need to start planning to clean your carpets. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your carpets then the chances are it has been too long and in order to keep the appearance and smell up, they need to be cleaned again.

What services are actually available to me? 

Each professional will offer a wide variety of services that may be suitable for the needs of your carpet. Here are a few of the most popular:

Stain removal

If you have tried and failed with all of the available stain removal DIY tips, then its time to hire a professional. A carpet cleaning professional will have the necessary tools, equipment and chemicals to remove the stain in no time. Money well spent.

Deep carpet clean

The methods that industry leaders use can vary but one of the most popular methods is hot water extraction. This will allow for your carpets to be deeply cleaned as a pose to other methods that people may use. 

Now here is the problem…

There are just some problems that cannot be cleaned! Please see below a few of the issues that a professional cannot help with….

  • Permanent stains
  • Under carpet padding is damaged or worn
  • Your carpet is more than 10 years old
  • The carpets materials are worn down

You always need to remember that professionals can help restore carpets to the best of their abilities but cannot bring a carpet back to life. Some carpets are just too far gone and that is why regular maintenance is always advisable.

Author: alex@highjumpdigital.com