Top reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned

Contrary to popular belief, using store-bought cleaning detergents and hoovering your carpet yourself each month is not enough to maintain the quality of your carpets. This is not the winning formula for maintaining the long-lasting look of your carpets.

Engaging with a professional carpet cleaning company local to your location is recommended at least one time every calendar year. Not only from a visual perspective but also to help ensure you are removing any unwanted stains, germs or bacteria from the deep fibres of your carpet. 

Asides from using your calendar to count down the days to the next 12-month mark when it is time for you get your carpets cleaned it is imperative to understand what some of the key telltale signs are that you may need to engage with a professional sooner than you thought. We have outlined some of the main reasons below:

The carpet has visible or hard to remove stains

Although store-bought cleaning detergents can often remove some of the stains that gather on your carpets, the same can not be said for the deeper stains that under no circumstances can you remove yourself. It is also highly unlikely that hoovering the stains will make a difference and is another reason why you need to deal with a professional company. It is not recommended to experiment with any home remedies either as this can cause irreversible issues.

Luckily for you, a professional carpet cleaner in your area will have not only the knowledge and expertise but also the high-quality technology and equipment to remove any of your carpets stains. A carpet cleaning professional is trained to deal with any kind of stain and you can rest assured they will have seen you same stains on a number of occasions already.

Your carpet has unwanted odours

You need to look out or more than just stains when it comes to the cleanliness of your carpets. The odour that your carpet gives out is just as important. You may have not even noticed that your carpet has an unwanted odour if you have been around it too long but it is safe to say that carpet needs to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure they are smelling fresh. The majority of odours that your carpets attract are unwanted and even more so to guests and visitors that you welcome to your home.

Some of the key contributing factors to unwanted carpet odours would be if you have children or pets. Although it is important for you to remove the main bulk of the spills and stains, it will require the expertise of a professional in order to fully remove the bad odours.

Professionals will also be able to determine if is the carpet itself that is giving off the bad odour or whether it is the mould that has accumulated under the carpet.

Have your carpets been subject to water damage?

Burst a pipe in your kitchen? Spilt a drink? Has your roof leaked? No matter the cause of the spillage on your carpet it will need to be looked at immediately. Time is really of the essence in a situation like this. Water damage can be one of the most damaging events to happen to your carpet, the water can soak into your carpet and mould can start to develop. As previously mentioned, this mould can cause irreversible damage to your carpet and as a result, can become very costly.

Again, the only option, if your carpets have been subject to water damage, is to consult with a local carpet cleaning professional.

Your carpet is no longer aesthetically pleasing

A common killer of a carpet is general wear and tear. The general wear and tear that is natural for any carpet will help to reduce the visual attraction of your carpet and this will only worsen with time. Although some homeowners natural reaction will be to replace their carpet, little do they know that if they engaged with a carpet cleaning expert on a somewhat regular basis then they would be able to save the expense of purchasing a completely new carpet. 

Using the correct equipment and technology will allow a carpet cleaning company to help maintain the colours of your carpet and the appearance to a level you are more than happy with. 

A professional will use techniques such as steam cleaning to help remove both surface and deep-lying dirt from your carpets.

Do you have allergies?

Given the materials and textures used in most household carpets, the ability of dirt and consequently allergens can easily store themselves within the carpet. Have you experiences itchy eyes? Soreness or sneezing? Then it may be down to your carpet. Correctly removing such allergens is what will allow you to live allergy free in your own home. 

If you know that you or someone in your family suffers from any kind of allergy then it is imperative to have your carpets deeply cleaned on a regular basis.

Stains that keep coming back

Did you find a home remedy on youtube? Did you buy some detergent from your local store? Sometimes such methods can provide a short time fix to a stain on your carpet, but what people don’t realise is that these stains can easily reappear weeks or months down the line. That is why the quote “If you are going to do something, do it properly” rings so true when it comes to carpet cleaning. There is no reason to continue to keep purchasing the same cleaning products that are doing half a job when you could have your carpets professionally cleaned once and stains can be removed forever. 

Furthermore, you can also request for stain protectors to be applied once the stain has been removed. This will help to reduce the likeliness of the stain re appearing.

If you have just purchased new carpets

If you have recently purchased new carpets for your home then it will be on the forefront of your mind to do whatever you can to keep your carpets in a tip-top condition. This is achievable if you have your carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year. For any new carpet owners, it is vital to ensure that you keep an eye on your carpets for any of the other points that are listed in this article.

Are you getting ready to sell your property?

It is all about first impressions when it comes to listing your property and having people come to view it. The worst-case scenario is having someone be put off from purchasing your home due to the fact your carpets are not in good condition. It is always advisable to keep on top of the cleanliness of your carpets to ensure their conditions are always maintained instead of having to try and salvage a dirty carpet a week before you have a viewing. Either way, it is vital that you engage with a carpet cleaning company to help keep your carpets in pristine condition for any future tenants or homeowners.

Of course, there are more reasons to get your carpets cleaned but these are some of the most common reasons and is enough of a checklist for you to keep your eye on over the coming months.