How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Carpet cleaning cost

Occasionally there will be a time where your hoover cannot clean your carpets to a standard you require for a number of different reasons. Maybe there is just simply too much dirt, grime, dust or an unmovable stain, that the hoover cannot remove. Whether you have tried and failed or you are just simply too busy to clean your carpets as thoroughly as they are required to be it might be time for you to engage with a professional carpet cleaning company who do this kind of work for a living.

At some point in time, your carpets will begin to look tired and worn and this is when a hoover is not going to be enough to restore them to their former glory.

Before you go out and just simply replace a carpet for an extortionate price, you can save money by choosing the correct professional to work with. The outcome can be what appears to be a brand new carpet with a new lease of life!

Restore your carpets with a deep clean!

The process of a deep clean is pretty simple, first, you will vacuum your carpets to remove any of the larger particles that are being lodged within your carpet, then secondly you will shampoo your carpets to remove the smaller particles and stains. An industrial machine will use a mixture of hot water and shampoo to achieve the best possible results for your carpets.

Do you want to save even more money?

One option that would allow you to save even more money would be to hire a carpet cleaning machine from an outlet such as Homebase or HSS. Both of which rent machines to customers for between 20-28GBP per 24 hours. This would allow you to clean your entire home’s carpets for around 30-40GBP depending on which solution you purchase to help with the job!

Average carpet cleaning prices

It is always a trade-off between doing it yourself and engaging with a professional but when it comes to carpet cleaning, it is very very time consuming to clean a full home yourself. Therefore it is often better for someone else to do this work for you. Keeping energy in the tank for other jobs around the house is always advisable. 

The price for carpet cleaning is pretty similar throughout the whole of the UK, so you can expect to pay the same price regardless of your location. Professional carpet cleaning companies will typically produce a quote based on the number of rooms and their size, you may even be able to get companies to come out and provide you with a free quot

  • Small Bedroom – £20
  • Large Bedroom – £27
  • Stairs and Landing – £30
  • Large Front Room – £35

Other costs that need to be considered:

There are a few different things that need to be considered when engaging with a carpet cleaning company and determining the costs involved. They are as follows:

  • Does the company have a minimum charge? This means that you may end up paying a lot more than you should for a small job as it is under the minimum charge amount.
  • The type of stain may determine the price, for example, if the stain is going to take a lot of time and work to remove then this may be reflected in the price that they provide you.
  • If you are looking to have a full room’s carpets cleaned then you need to consider the fact that furniture may need to be removed from the said room. Again, depending on the size and weight of the furniture will dictate the overall price of the quote you receive.

All in all the price for a full house or single room carpet clean is very modest and the outcome is often much much better than you could achieve yourself. It is also advisable to negotiate with the company you engage with as there is always going to be some leeway when it comes to the final offer.

Once you are confident you have made the right decision, sit back and relax and watch your carpets transform to their former selves!