Carpet Cleaning Methods

Two people cleaning carpet

When the time comes to hire a local carpet cleaning company to come and restore your carpets back to their former self, it is imperative that you properly understand the industry terminology. Understanding the different methods of carpet cleaning is vital in order to allow you to make the most informed decision on which company to use. For example, not all companies will offer all methods of carpet cleaning and as a result, they may not be suited to the stain that needs to be removed from your carpet. Another important factor to consider is, the more familiar you are with the methods used, the quicker you can make the right hiring decision but also can ensure you are paying for the correct service.

Do not leave it solely in the hands of professionals as they can often look to sell you on a package of cleaning options instead of focusing on the sole method that is required in order to earn more money for their business. You can eliminate this by educating yourself on the methods available to you.

We will break down some of the main carpet cleaning methods in this article so you can walk away confident knowing you are fully informed.

Hot Water Extraction

How water extraction is known throughout the industry as steam cleaning. However, there are some slight differences between the two and we will break that down below.

This process involves spraying a mixture of both hot water and cleaning solutions onto the carpet. The aim here is for the hot water to loosen the molecules of the carpet where stains and dirt can be found whilst the cleaning solutions then work to dissolve and remove such stains and dirt. The machine itself comes with a hoover which then removes larger chunks of dirt from the carpet in order to ensure the aesthetics of your carpet are restored. This method is known to be one of the most effective and efficient options available in the market place and is often the recommended treatment method of most professional carpet cleaning companies. 

Due to the level of extraction from the carpet, people will often suggest that hot water extraction is the most thorough of methods that can be used. Not only will your carpets be visually cleaner, but they will also remove the majority of bacteria and dirt which can have a direct impact on reducing allergies within your home. Although this is one of the more common methods used, it is advised against if you are looking to clean delicate carpets that are made from materials outside your standard run of the mill materials. 

Dry Powder Treatment 

This treatment is another popular method used by many professionals throughout the industry and focuses on hovering up any dirt or bacteria that has been stored in the fibres of your carpet

Firstly, carpet cleaning solutions are spread across any visible dirty areas or across all of the carpet should you feel the need to. Once all desired areas are covered in the solution, you need to give time for the solution to fight against the bacteria, dirt and grime. After a while, the bacteria, dirt and grime will attach itself to the cleaning solution which will make it easier for you to run a hoover over the desired area to remove all unwanted dirt. His method allows you to remove stains without getting your carpet wet. 

This solution is often advisable for more delicate carpets that you do not want to get wet. Also, carpets that have a number of colours may prefer to use this method instead of running the risk that colours could run into each other. A bonus to this method is that you do not need to wait for carpets to dry out once you have cleaned them, meaning the room can be used for its everyday activities immediately after the cleaning is complete. This option may not be as thorough as others but not every carpet needs a deep clean each time. It is down to either yourself of a professional to determine the extent of the work required.

Carpet Shampoo Treatment

This is what most people would regard as the most dated method of carpet cleaning, but that does not mean that it does not work. This method has been around since the 70’s which helps to explain why it can often be so popular. The idea of shampooing your carpet for many seems to make sense, it is what we do to our hair when it needs cleaning after all.

However, over the years this method has often been proven to have its issues. 

The process itself is fairly self-explanatory, you need to rub the shampoo solution into the affected areas of your carpet and let the solution dissolve deep into the fibres to help remove any unwanted stains or dirt.

On the face of things, this method can help to remove some of the surface level stains from your carpet, however, as a result of not using extraction, it means that dirt can be left deep in the fibres of your carpet even after the cleaning process. This is not ideal for people with allergies as the bacteria can often remain in the carpet. Also, due to the fact the carpet has not been deep cleaned, the frequency you will need to clean your carpets will often be increased.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

People often believe that steam cleaning and hot water extraction cleaning methods are synonymous. That is why it is fundamental to separate the two processes. The difference between the two processes is that steam cleaning focuses on cleaning the top layer of the carpet but does not focus on the carpets deep fibres. 

The machine used to steam clean a carpet will spray steam over the surface of the carpet in order to loosen the dirt and help remove some of the stain molecules. As a result, the carpet can look visually cleaner but this should not be regarded as a long term solution to your carpet needs. This is why steam cleaning should only be advisable when you have harder surfaces that do not require deep cleaning techniques. 

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

If efficiency is important to you or you want the fastest solution available, look no further than bonnet carpet cleaning. This method is frequently used in commercial settings such as offices, where carpets are much thinner and cleaned on a regular basis. 

Bonnet carpet cleaning will work to scrub any dirt from the top layer of the carpet in a fast and efficient way. The main aim here is to ensure than the life of the carpet can be prolonged and not necessarily used to clean the carpet and restore it to its original self. The machine itself as multiple spinning pads that are soaked in cleaning solution, the pads then spin in order to clean the carpets. As a result of the quickness of the process, it is always advisable to hoover the area after. 

If your carpet is in a commercial building where foot traffic is high, then bonnet cleaning might be the fastest and most cost-effective option for you. However, this is not the best solution for carpets in yours or your loved ones home.


The best option for you may not always be the same and you have to take into consideration many different factors before making the correct decision. Whether you are looking to clean your home’s carpets or need a commercial office spaces carpets cleaned, the best solution is not always going to be the same. 

Ultimately, the deeper the clean the more chance you have of prolonging the life of your carpet and this is something that should always be considered. Doing it the right way is always better than doing it the cheap way.