5 Stains That Absolutely Need Professional Carpet Cleaners

Child with a dog on carpet

Carpeted floors require special care and dedicated maintenance. It’s the minimum requirement for all the cozy and warmth that carpets contribute to the feel of a room. How many times do you clean your carpet? Do you know that it needs to be vacuumed at least once a week?

According to industry experts, carpets only need professional cleaning at least once a year or every two years. Rooms with regular foot traffic need to be vacuumed at least once a week while those with heavy foot traffic needs to be vacuumed every other day or every three days.

However, there are instances where vacuuming and stain removal strategies are not enough. We are all for DIY solutions and cheap alternatives but there are specific kinds of stains that need professional care. These kinds of stain accidents need professional attention the soonest time possible. It will do you well to know of these specific stain accidents and instances that require immediate professional care because it will prevent your carpet from being damaged. Should you encounter these following stain accidents, know that the next best thing to do is to contact your professional carpet cleaner.

5 Kinds of Carpet Stains That Require Immediate Professional Care

These five kinds of stains are impossible to remove and tend to with just your average bottle of carpet stain remover or DIY concoction. Carpets are of different kinds and not all stains were made equal. Some stain removal products can even cause more damage than good as they can cause discoloration or texture alteration to carpets. To avoid unwanted and unnecessary damage to your carpets, its best to contact experts ASAP whenever you encounter these stains.

1. Grease

There are different kinds of grease that comes from different kinds of objects and activities. You could easily encounter grease from eating oily food or from working with heavy machinery. A simple food spill or lack of insight can lead you to unwanted greasy carpets. No one wants a greasy, smelly, and dirty carpet. You can scrub it immediately with soapy water but it will do no magic as grease is made up of oil and thickener. There are nine kinds of grease depending on its consistency. Should you encounter a grease accident, its best that you call on experts. They would exactly know what to apply to restore your carpet to its former glory. You don’t need to do any unnecessary stain removal trial-and-error.

2. Grass

Grass is everywhere. You are more predisposed to grass stains if you have dogs and kids that freely and randomly go in and outside the house. If you don’t have particular rules that require people to take off their shoes once they get inside the house or one that requires the use of exclusive indoor slippers, you’re in for numerous bouts of grass-induced headaches. Strategic carpet placement is your long-term solution. Grass can seem very simple and organic but its made up of different chemicals like nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and phosphorus. This is why it causes such stress to remove it when it stains clothes, upholsteries, and carpets. Be tough about it and contact experts right away when you encounter grass stains. Detergent concoctions may work but you’re risking your carpet to unknown damage. 

3. Red Wine

It’s all fun and games until someone spills wine! We’ve all been through it and we all know how tough it can be to deal with one. Wine stains in carpets are impossible to remove. You can go out of your way to apply stain removers and detergent concoctions but it will never bring the right result. If anything, it may even set the stain permanently and cause more damage. Wine contains flavonols, tannins, and anthocyanins. These chemicals give it its rich taste and deep purple red color. Cleaning it requires specialized solutions that only experts can provide. 

4. Blood

You wouldn’t believe it but blood stains are one of the most common carpet stains. It’s also one of the most difficult to remove. Accidents happen all the time so you don’t need to panic should your pristine carpet be randomly bloodied. Know though that it is absolutely out of your hands. You don’t need to concoct any special mix because blood is made up of hemoglobin and plasma; no house is equipped enough to remove such carpet stain. Relax in the knowledge that you just need to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaners. 

5. Coffee

Last but not the least, coffee stains. Ah, don’t you love coffee lovers? They can’t go a day without coffee and they refuse to function well without one. They even bring their coffee mugs wherever they go! They are basically coffee stain ticking bombs! One wrong unconscious move and you say goodbye to your stain-free carpet. A coffee stain is hard to remove primarily because of its deep color and chemical make-up. Coffee contains acid so dealing with it is pretty tricky. You have good chances of removing it if you’d deal with it immediately after spillage. However, if it has already set, only expert cleaners can do the right work. 

Have a Professional Carpet Cleaner

It’s best if you have an expert that you can easily contact anytime.  Expert carpet cleaners are skilled in dealing with every kind of stain. If you have one in your contacts, you can relax and know for sure that your carpets will always be pristine and well-maintained. If you don’t have one yet, ask your friends for referrals or do your research. Prioritize the ones within your area to secure that they can always tend to your needs instantly. 

Author: alex@highjumpdigital.com