Baby foot on the carpet
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Carpets vs. Rugs: What’s the Difference?

Floor coverings—they’re always down there, but how much do you really know about the fabrics you step on every day?…

Dirty pet on the carpet
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The Health Risks of Having Dirty Carpets

Carpets are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for a comfortable flooring option. They provide thermal insulation, feel…

Women with her pet dog on carpet
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Pet Stains and Odours: How to Remove Them From Your Carpet

Pet owners know the struggle of keeping their carpeted floors clean. From dealing with stubborn pet stains to extremely unpleasant…

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Top reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned

Contrary to popular belief, using store-bought cleaning detergents and hoovering your carpet yourself each month is not enough to maintain…

Two people cleaning carpet
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Carpet Cleaning Methods

When the time comes to hire a local carpet cleaning company to come and restore your carpets back to their…